Which Tarot Card You Get Tells Us Which Book You Should Read Next

If you’ve been in a reading rut lately and just can’t seem to choose your next adventure, our special Underlined tarot card reading may be the perfect solution! Depending on which card you select (or which card selects you), there’s a fantastic young adult novel waiting to be read. Let the fates decide!

Since the late eighteenth century, packs of playing cards with special symbols and illustrations that were once used for gameplay have been repurposed by many people to tell fortunes, practice rituals, and perform various kinds of divination. The word tarot is derived from the Italian tarocchi, a deck of cards used to play games such as tarocchini. Packs of tarot cards typically come with seventy-eight cards, divided into the major arcana (greater secrets) and the minor arcana (lesser secrets). Card readers interpret special messages and meaning while reading someone’s cards. The exact position of the cards can change their messages.

For the purposes of this quiz, we’ll be looking specifically at cards from the major arcana, as they allow you to reflect on things you may be experiencing currently.

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