Which YA Romance Should You Read This Fall?

Can you feel it? The crispness in the air, the changing leaves, the nights getting darker . . . . People are wearing plaid and cozy sweaters while drinking hot beverages . . . . It can only mean one thing: fall is officially here! That means it’s time to fall in love with a fall YA romance novel.

Today is the first day of fall! And what better way to celebrate the first day of autumn than by cozying up with a feel-good romantic comedy (and maybe a romantic partner, too). All you need is a cozy blanket, your favorite comfy chair, and a YA romance novel to give you all the warm fuzzy feelings. Now, which YA romance book should you read first this fall? Are you in the mood for an enemies-to-lovers tale? Or perhaps a story of fake dating? Maybe you just want a feel-good, happy rom-com, or a tale that gives a nod to one of your all-time favorite romantic comedy movies. Whatever you’re in the mood for, we’ve got a Ya romance for you! Take our quiz to find the perfect fall romance to suit your mood!

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