Quiz: Which YA Killer Friendships Thriller Should You Read?

You can trust your friends . . . or can you? Take our friendship quiz and we’ll introduce you to a YA thriller we think you’ll hit it off with!

Do you know your friends as well as you think you do? Are they really your ride-or-die besties, or is there a catfish, a pretender, or a psycho lurking among them? If you’ve ever side-eyed your inner circle, we have the perfect book for you. We’ve handpicked a group of five YA thrillers about friend groups in all kinds of peril. These books feature fun getaways that turn life-threatening, deadly serious prom queen competitions, and friendship-destroying parties. Is someone in these friend groups up to something? Can you figure out who it is? You know what they say: With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Take our quiz on your own friendship preferences and strategies and we’ll introduce you to your next thrilling YA read! And be sure to share your book pick (and this quiz) with a friend!

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