Hello, my name is Primrose, or just Prim. I am a young writer and artist. My old account on here is AdamTheNrdyAnimeWolf, which has some of my very old poetry. I intend to continue my works on this new account. You can find more of my works on Youtube (XXPrimrosePuppersXX), Wattpad (GalaxyNovaBoy), and scratch (XXPrimrosePuppersXX or DeFlyingWolf) I support Anthros and LGBT so please don't put any hate here, thnx. ^-^


  • Hobbies Photography Writing Poetry/Music Animating Quidditch Cosplay Gaming Reading Watercolor Digital Art Writing
  • Music ChainSmokers Crywolf Fall Out Boy Beatles Evanescene Nightcore Skrillex Awoltination Cranberries 21 Pilots
  • TV Shows The Owl House Durrells in Corfu Helluva Boss Hazbin Hotel MLB Chihayafuru Tokyo Ghoul Big Bang Theory SoulEater StrangerThings
  • Movies Song of the Sea WolfWalkers You've Got Mail Your Name Nausica Harrypotter Starwars Mononoke Twilight The Heat Wolf Children
  • Interests Waffles Randomly Eating Icecubes Wattpad Scratch Vivziepop MLB Pocky Maka Albarn Animation Memes Anthropomorphism Anime
Birthday Nov-30

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