Silly young fox whose playful and explorative ambitions often lead to a stressful life.

If I had a power, I would say I have the ability to shape-shift. No matter what day it is, I'm always a different person to who I was yesterday. I'm always switching hobbies, opinions and interests depending on my ever changing mood. Thus the amount of interests and hobbies I have is broad and I am able to grasp how everyone sees the world differently where in some cases no one party is necessarily wrong.


  • Hobbies Feeling Charged 24/7 (Inability to Stand Still, Inability to Sit for Long Periods, Pacing, Taking Stairs 2 at a Time, Hopping Over Things, Speed-Walking, Jumping at Things That Appear Out of Nowhere - Including My Roommate Who Walked Into the Kitchen While I Was Cooking Without Making a Sound) Inability to Stand Still or Sit for Long Periods of Time (Pacing, Taking Stairs 2 at a Time - Both Up and Down, Jumping Over Stuff, Speed-Walking, Jumping at Anything That Appears Out of No Where - Including My Roommate Who Just Walked Into the Kitchen Barely Making a Sound) Relaxing and Having Time to Myself (I'm an Introvert After All) Playing Games With People (Sometimes Solo, but I Value My Time With People More) Spending Time With People I Value Learning and Discovering New Things Observing People Solving Tricky Problems Puzzles App Development Digital Art Traditional Yet Simple Drawing Watching Anime Watching Animations Appreciating Smells (Nectar, Flowers, Ocean), Textures (Wood, Leaves, Sand), Sights (Greenery, Blue Skies, Water), Sounds (Music, Birds, Wind), Feelings (Heartbeat, Energy, Calm) Singing in the Shower Learning Guitar Learning 3D Modelling, Rigging and Animation Using Blender Character Creation World-Building Exploring Ideas Website Development Chess Planning Listening to Music Writing Fiction
  • Music Music That Provides Meaning and Gives Me Inspiration (I Often Find Myself Immersed in a Story When I Hear Music) Multiple Artists Multiple Genres Written by Wolves Sleeping at Last Eddie Van Der Meer
  • Interests Planning (It Is an Obsession o.o) Foxes Animations and Stories Warrior Cats ('Warriors' by Erin Hunter)
Birthday Jan-1

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