I am a deeper passionate writer who highly enjoys reading content related to romance, heartbreak, everyday life, and fictional fantasy. I would really love to share my writing and stores with the people working in this community. I can be patience if necessary, give a lot of helpful supportive feedback and criticisms, and comments about your writing. It would greatly help me if you can review and read my own content since currently that’s the one thing I really need at the moment.


  • Hobbies Singing, Exploring New Places, Baking Sweets, and Typing. Reading, Writing, Drawing, Watching Films
  • Music French Songs Are Also a Huge Favorite. And Music That Makes You Get Out of Your Chair and Dance to It. Romantic Music That Makes You Blush. Modern Day, Bittersweet, Heartbreaking Music.
  • Movies Anastasia, Thumbelina, Instructions Not Included, Disney Movies, Shrek, and Grown Ups.
  • Interests Romance Novels, Scary Story Videos, Podcasts, and Writing. If That’S Even Possible.
Birthday Aug-22

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