I write for a hobby and a creative outlet. My shorts are sometimes nonlinear and at times just scenes. I am working on writing in a variety of different styles and POVs. Sometimes I just write monologues, poems or creative paragraphs aimed at poetically describing something I've observed or thought deeply about. I welcome constructive feedback as I am always looking to improve my writing. One day I hope to have one or more of my short stories published.


  • Hobbies Analysing Fiction Reading Fiction Creating Developed Characters Writing and Improving My Writing Drawing (Cover Art)
  • Music Billy Jole 1927 Ah Ha Rod Stewart The Eagles Hozier Freddie Murcury Bruce Springsteen Pink Floyd Crowded House The Cure Icehouse Guns N Roses Led Zeppelin Queen
  • TV Shows Star Tre Voyager Sherlock Nurse Jackie Emergency 1972 Bondi Rescue Good Omens A Young Doctors Notebook Call the Midwife Doctor Who
  • Movies Aladin The Shinning A Clockwork Orange The Exorcist Ghostbusters Monty Python The Physician Dead Poet Socioty Bohemian Rhapsody The Grand Budapest Hotel Toy Story Harry Potter Back to the Future
  • Interests Creating Well Developed Characters Queen Nursing Writing and Improving My Writing
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