Jessica Prince


I love to read books, sometimes romance with some mystery and most of the time it's usually BL manga. My favorite animal is the wolf. Also a Capricorn.


  • Hobbies Reading Collecting Rocks & Minerals Video Games
  • Music Set It Off: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing CircusP Boyinaband Disturbed Erutan Evanescence Fall Out Boy Linkin Park Nightcore Lindsey Stirling Paramore Breaking Benjamin Country Rock Pop Panic! At the Disco Skillet Three Days Grace
  • TV Shows Supernatural Castle Anime Leverage Case Closed Burn Notice Psych
  • Movies Pokemon Movies 4th Man Out Enter the Warriors Gate The Secret of Moonacre Jurassic Park; Jurassic Park: Lost World; Jurassic Park 3; Jurassic World
  • Interests BL manga/ books
Birthday Dec-30

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