An introvert who enjoys books, sweets, and alone time.


  • Hobbies Looking at Cat Pictures Photography Baking Coding Drawing Writing Reading
  • Music Almost Anything
  • TV Shows Once When Calls the Heart The Good Place Mythbusters Chill With Bob Ross Doctor Who Jeopardy! Lucifer Stranger Things Once Upon a Time The Office Parks and Recreation Supernatural The Umbrella Academy Fawlty Towers Monty Python's Flying Circus Mystery Science Theater 3000 I Love Lucy The Twilight Zone Brooklyn Nine-Nine Psych
  • Movies Hellboy Bridge to Terabithia Coco 2001: A Space Odyssey Guardians of the Galaxy Monty Python and the Holy Grail The Truman Show Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Phantom of the Opera Stargate Legally Blonde Groundhog Day The Man Who Knew Too Little Any Marx Brothers Movie
  • Interests Mythology Animals Sweets YouTube Books
Birthday Aug-27

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