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Why hello there... I'm Caitlyn! I've wanted to be an author since I was quite young, and I used to make up all kinds of random stories. But for the past few years I have found it hard to write for fun. Until....now! I made it a new year's resolution to write more again, and currently I am working on two novels. The one that I expect to be longer is a teenage wholesome romance-I haven't quite decided on a title yet! The other one is called The Questionable adventures of the Misfortunate Pirate and Her Faithful Friend, The Frog. It's a fantasy story about some characters who get up to many shenanigans when a clumsy pirate docks onto an island with her pet frog. It's quite silly at some points, but I'm really enjoying writing it! I also like crochet and animal crossing, as well as enjoying a nice glass of strawberry milk!!


  • Hobbies writing :) crochet acting reading (obviously!!) playing piano animal crossing
  • Music Many, many, musicals Cavetown tinyumbrellas Queen
  • TV Shows the owl house Amphibia
  • Movies West Side Story In The Heights Disney movies :)
  • Interests making Pinterest boards for books making origami rings
Birthday May-6

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