Heya fellow storytellers - name’s Lola I’m 26-
I’ve been writing since I was 16- more like Brain Storming for my story lines -
OnyxDust; The Misguided Elites; Percepter City ; ShadeFlames; and Overtime - I hope to get these ideas into manual Series- but they are just a lot ideas I can’t seem to organize-
I also have an obsession with Video Games and Drawing Art
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  • Hobbies Digital; Sketching; Reading; Writing; Eating;
  • Music Worship; Paramore; 21P, Melanie Martinez, Lana Del Ray, Marina and the Diamonds, Lo Fo/ Indie/ Techno Music; Anime Openings
  • TV Shows Demon Slayer; Stranger Things, Suits, Avatar the Last Airbender
  • Movies Marvel; IT, Baby Driver, Indie Movies
  • Interests Stranger Things; 80s Fashion; Poetry Books; Rainbow Coloured; Apple Products
Birthday Mar-5

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