Max Sparrow


I write non-explicit LGBT stories that mostly focus on real events that create profound writing with a unique perspective. Most of the featured stories on this website are very short, and all of them on here are entirely free. I write stories that would border between dark, non-fiction, and contemporary. The truth in life is that not all moments are happy. It is okay to explore those moments.


  • Hobbies WEBSITE: WWW.MAXSPARROWBOOKS.COM This May Be a Little Sad. In Fact, It Is Very Sad. I Have a Dog That Is Obsessed Me and I Am Obsessed With Her. I Wake Up Early in the Morning, Drink an Energy Drink and Begin Writing. All Day. Sometimes My Friends Make Me Go Out but I Don't Really Understand Anything Beyond Writing. Even Though I Am Not Nearly as Brilliant at It as I Pretend to Be :)
  • Music Bob Dylan (Love Piano Man) Counting Crows Music: There Is One Song I Listen to More Than Song There Is. (Flowers Never Bend With the Rainfall) by Simon and Garfunkel. It Is Short and I Put on Loop. I Listen to It for Hours Every Day Because I Find It Miraculous Beautiful but in a Very Sad Way. Most People Say This Group Sings Very Joyful Songs. To Me-- the Sound-- It So Sad... It's Beautiful and Brilliantly Describes a Subtle Pain in Life. Listen to It-- Weaker Than Bright Eyes Is My Favorite Band
  • TV Shows I Honestly Don't Watch Tv Beyond That. I Can't Come Up With Much. I Am More Into Reading. My Favorite Show Is Fraiser. You Won't Believe When I Say This but I Have Watched Every Episode So Many Times That I Know the Words and Scenery When Its On. Before Bed I Turn the T.V. Show and Close My Eyes. It Is Just as Wonderful
  • Movies I Will Say (This Goes With TV Shows and the Limited Access Discussed About Television) NBC Came in Perfect and This Was Good Because Night My Dad Would Watch (5:30 I Believe) Tom Brokaw on the Nightly News. I Was Just a Little Kid but I Became Obsessed With Spending That Time With My Father. I Don't Watch Movies. Growing Up My Parents Had Money but They Also Had Discipline. We Didn't Have a TV for a While and When We Finally Got One We Had to Use Rabbit Ears. I Remember Fooling With Those Things All the Time. We Got ABC, Fox, CBS,
  • Interests Vaping! Sushi Understanding Horror Writing. I Have Read a Lot of Stephen King and It Is Mainly to Understand His Writing Style. Undering LGBT Literature
Birthday Mar-29

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