I love to draw and write, my favorite color is pink, I live in the state of Oklahoma, and I’m obsessed with warriors, fnaf, Mcsm, Undertale, Pixar (specifically Toy story), and other things!
I love to share my writing with others! <3


  • Hobbies Gaming Reading Writing Drawing
  • Music Sleeping at Last Halsey Marina and the Diamonds Melanie Martinez Katy Perry Taylor Swift Panic! At the Disco Set It Off CK9C CG5 Mandopony The Living Tombstone DAGames
  • TV Shows Little Witch Academia Spongebob The Big Bang Theory Gravity Falls
  • Movies Cocoa Toy Story 3
  • Interests Yandere Simulator DDLC DHMIS Toy Story Warriors Undertale Cuphead Bendy and the Ink Machine FNAF MCSM
Birthday Oct-2

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