ソロ- インコ


My name is... just call me ソロ - インコ(shy inko) or charlie whatever you like. I like to write because of its my voice and my only way to communicate. I don't like to talk and i'm very shy. I like to explore the darker side of the world and human nature and i don't like to ignore it because to see a rainbow u have to go through the storm. I like to play with words because i really can't understand feelings or emotions as well as a regular person so i do a lot of research and ask people how they feel and what they feel to at least know what emotions are. And i'm a very expressive in words writing wise. I love too hear your comments on my writing and i know its depressing and i get that everyone wants something happy once in a while i'm working on it ok. Thank you for visiting my profile.


  • Hobbies Writing Songwriting Video games Reading Hiking Baking Cooking Eating Poetry Anime
  • Music Anything
  • TV Shows Gravity Falls Avatar: The Last Airbender Attack on Titan
  • Interests Songwriting Cooking Singing Anime
Birthday Sep-22

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