I'm a Young Writer who loves to write and hates math with everything she has.

Fav song: Faded By Alen Walker.
Fav Band: SlipKnot

What do I do in my me-time? Sing and dance around in my room like a crazy person. Yeah.


  • Hobbies Reading Writing DURRR Making Book Graphics Video Making Singing
  • Music Nightcore: Anything. Slipknot Vermillion (if Thats How You Spell It xD) Slipknot: Killpop Alan Walker; Faded Once Direction Marshmellow: Friends
  • TV Shows The Magicions The Gifted The Voice Victorious (Don't Judge... STOP JUDGING, LOL) Two and a Half Men The Big Bang Theory Charmed Modern Family Buffy the Vampire Slayer Once Upon a Time
  • Movies The Hunger Games Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2 Eclipse NewMoon Twlight Black Panther Sucide Squad! MINIONS! Dispicable Me TWO Dispicable Me Meet Joe Black (I Hate the Ending Tho.) School of Rock Happy Death Day Fury Frozen Gardians of the Galaxy TWO Gardiens of the Galaxy 50 First Dates The Notebook
  • Interests MakingVideos! It's Soooo Fun! Taylor Swift, Idk Why, Don't Ask. Song Writing Singing Posin Ivy! JOKER HARLEY QUINN SUUUUIIIIICCDEEE SQUAD
Birthday Dec-11

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