Isabella Madruga


I'm a student who loves to write, hence my account on this website. I enjoy writing realistic fiction, YA, tragedy, adventure, and some magical realism sprinkled into the mix. I enjoy reading the previously listed genres, mystery, suspense/thriller, horror, dystopia, science fiction, and many others! I try to write as much as possible with my current schedule, but it isn't always easy. Hopefully, I'll be able to write more soon!


  • Hobbies Theater Playing on My Phone Sleeping Daydreaming Science Watching Youtube + Netflix Drawing Reading Writing
  • Music Bon Jovi Billy Joel The Beatles Aerosmith ACDC Led Zeppelin Queen Cosmo Sheldrake Barns Courtney Fall Out Boy Panic! At the Disco
  • TV Shows Law and Order: SVU ***** Eye How to Get Away With Murder Stranger Things Breaking Bad Narcos American Horror Story Sherlock Dear White People Sense8 The Office Black Mirror Orange Is the New Black
  • Movies Bohemian Rhapsody Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse White Chicks Corpse Bride Moana The Way He Looks Dallas Buyers Club Hotel for Dogs Coraline The Little Prince Holding the Man The Interview Milk The Avengers Mulan
  • Interests Aesthetic Fairy Lights School Play
Birthday Feb-17

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