*Alanna* :)


My name is Alanna, and I’ve got quite a few passions/interests including genetics, singing, reading, acting, daydreaming, making friends, and playing a bit of piano here and there. I’m a senior in high school whose dream is to do something beautiful in the world - and to do it for God. (Yes, that’s right, folks: I’m Catholic!)
I also started writing a few years ago, so I’m by no means a professional, but if you’d like some advice about a piece of writing, I’m here!! I also make custom covers that are totally free if you're interested! (:
(Note: Since Underlined updated their site, I figured it was time for a new bio. If you've found me, yay!! I'd love to talk to you! Drop a comment anywhere on my Message Board or I’m Here to Chat story!)
With love, narwhals, and a touch of sparkle,


  • Hobbies Making People Happy Reading (Generally Hundreds of Pages at a Time) *Daydreaming* Singing Writing (of Course!!!)
  • Music Imagine Dragons Raynes OneRepublic Matthew Parker
  • TV Shows Greenhouse Academy The Cosby Show The Brady Bunch
  • Movies Harry Potter Star Wars Zootopia Inception
  • Interests Belting Songs When No One Can Hear Me Heroes of Olympus Percy Jackson Greek Mythology Reading Writing Wings of Fire Keeper of the Lost Cities

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