I am HUGE fangirl for all things MCU, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Trials Of Apollo, Magnus Chase, Kane Chronicles, Solangelo, Sanders Sides, Prinxiety, Virgil Sanders The Maze Runner, Divergent, The Hunger Games, The Golden Compass series, Jason returning, Leo Valdez, Nico Di Angelo and Will Solace, and BOOKS in general. I have wayyyyy too many literary crushes, sooo, yeah. Most of the time, my friends don't know what I'm talking about, but hey, I'M A FANGIRL AND I'M PROUD.


  • Hobbies Baking/Decorating Cakes Sleeping Fangirling Singing Writing Reading
  • Music Panic! At the Disco Imagine Dragons Fall Out Boy
  • TV Shows Avatar the Last Airbender Agents of Shield
  • Movies Avatar (the One With the Na'vi and Pandora, NOT the Adaptation of the TV Show) Princess and the Frog Brave Harry Potter
  • Interests WAY Too Many Things to Mention. (=
Birthday Sep-18

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