Hey! I'm Saturn and I love writing, reading and scanning the sky for aliens. I have an insatiable curiosity and love jamming to David Bowie and recording bad covers with my guitar who I like to call Ringo. When not rocking out, I enjoy taking pictures of interestingly shaped clouds and/or other things I see on this planet or others and posting them on my Instagram.

Whenever I feel sad or alone, I tend to honestly believe I'm an alien. Doesn't everyone at some point, right? :)

Keep dreamin' kid


  • Hobbies Doodling Acting Watching People Writing/Reading Playing the Guitar
  • Music The Moofies (My Band, LOL) Taylor Swift The Beatles David Bowie
  • TV Shows Sherlock Young Justice!!! The Twilight Zone One Strange Rock The Who Was? Show Is Hilarious. That's Literally It. :)
  • Movies Every Single Marvel Movie to Ever Exist ;) Spider-Man!!!!!!!!!! E.T!!!! The Missing Link Is a Very Well Rounded Movie. Labyrinth! (Mostly Because DB Is in It.... ;P)
  • Interests Christmas!! Aliens! Outer Space! Superheroes!! Smiling at Random People Eating Pumpkin Pie, LOL Drawing David Bowie
Birthday Mar-4

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