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Welcome! I’m simply a storyteller; do you care for a tale? Whether in the hours of night or day, I sincerely hope you’ll find interest in a story here. This is a safe space for all, and negativity will not be tolerated in this library. Please treat me and my fellow readers with respect and kindness. Please refer to me as she/her, or by blue elephant if you’re looking for a name. Enjoy, dear reader!


  • Hobbies Reading Painting Sculpting Music
  • Music Ed Sheeran Girl in Red Mumford & Sons Hozier Dayglow
  • TV Shows Loki Buzzfeed Unsolved Watcher Entertainment Who Killed Markiplier?
  • Movies Into the Spiderverse Avengers Series Knives Out
  • Interests Autumn Sweet food Massive sweaters Handwritten letters Suits and dresses Car rides Staying up late Roller skating
Birthday Feb-19

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