What Is Your Superpower? Take the Quiz and Get a Book Rec!

Everyone has their own special superpower. No, really, it’s true! Even if supernatural forces and superhuman abilities are not involved, all of us have a unique set of skills that come to our rescue in times of difficulty or crisis. Still, it’s fun to imagine what your ultimate superhuman superpower might be . . . especially as it relates to who you are and who you’re becoming. Take this quiz to discover which skill you possess and get a book recommendation to match!


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  1. TheShiftingFox

    Your Superpower Is Invisibility!
    You are wise, a great listener, and a deep thinker. While you may sometimes feel unnoticed, people trust you deeply and feel safe around you.

    Well, I honestly think I’m a shape-shifter, but invisibility or teleportation were two powers I always thought I might have wanted. Invisibility due to me wanting to feel safer and at peace. I’m often quite nervous and on edge within large crowds, parties, etc. but I still enjoy going outside. So invisibility seemed like a good solution to that! Teleportation is of course for easier transport – who wouldn’t want that?

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