Quiz: Which Member of the Baby-Sitters Club Are You (and What Should You Read Next)?

Whether you have been obsessed with the Baby-Sitters Club books since back in the day or are just discovering this amazing group of entrepreneurial teens through the new Netflix show, we know there is a huge question on your mind. (Okay, maybe two.) First, which member of the Baby-Sitters Club are you? And second, what book should you read next?

Just like the Baby-Sitters Club, we are here to answer your call and lend a helping hand. Take our quiz, and we’ll tell you which babysitter we think you are most like and which book you should read while waiting for the club’s phone to ring with a new job.


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  1. DontMessWithMeKidz

    Claudia! I’m happy with that. She could give me art lessons…

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