How to Survive a Family Vacation

With summer break comes lazy afternoons, days at the pool, and of course, family vacations. Even if you love your fam, spending so much time together in close quarters can test your patience. Here are a few tips to help you survive your next family vacation.

1. Stock Up on Ebooks and Audiobooks for the journey.

If you’ll be spending a lot of time in a car or on an airplane, there’s no better way to pass the time than with a book. Load up your phone or tablet with ebooks so you’ll always have something good to read.

Don’t like reading in the car? Audiobooks are tailor-made for road trips and are a great way to keep your mind occupied. Browse your local library’s audiobook collection and choose a few titles to take along.

Bonus tip: Take a portable power pack to keep your devices juiced up on long trips.

2. And a Few Paperbacks, Too

Reading is the #1 activity on your vacation agenda, right? It’s a good idea to have one or two or a suitcase full of paperbacks on hand. Your family will understand when you need a break from all of the quality time. By bringing a few options, you can even let your sister or mom read with you (if they promise not to dog ear the pages or get the book wet). Need some recommendations? Check out these awesome titles.

3. Don’t Forget the Munchies

No one likes a hangry travel buddy. Hunger can turn even the best day into a miserable one. Pack some snacks to tame your growling stomach. Chances are that your parents will bring food, but it can’t hurt to have some of your favorite snacks within reach.

4. Stay Positive

Spending 24/7 with your family can be challenging, but keeping a positive attitude will make all the difference. Things probably won’t go according to plan 100 percent of the time and you’ll get sick of being smushed together. So try to look for the funny moments, make some great memories, and enjoy each day as it comes. And, since you're an excellent packer, you'll have your books to comfort you.

5. Keep Your Camera App Ready

Whether you want to record your dad as he sings along with the radio or capture the sites along the way, keep your camera app handy. Clear your phone so you have lots of space to store photos or set up a cloud service to upload pictures and videos to as you take them. You’ll be glad to have that footage of your sister belly-flopping into the pool and that goofy picture of your family in front of whatever attraction you’re visiting.

6. Take Time to Bond

Family vacations are all about bonding, so spend quality time with your family members. Play old-school card games like Uno and Go Fish or take a walk on the beach with your mom. You’ll create some fond memories and score a few points with your parents at the same time.

7. Request Some Alone Time, Too

Family time is awesome, but having time to yourself is also important. Talk to your parents beforehand about having a little time to do your own thing. It will help you relax and feel refreshed for whatever comes next on the family agenda. And then you can read more . . . duh!


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  1. Katrein

    This is what my bag looks like every time. I just love my physical copies too much.
    Does anyone have tips (is that how you spell it?) on how to focus on audiobooks?

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    Reply 0 Replies Aug 8, 2018
  2. ameliaparkin

    Great advice! And very timely. On the weekend we want to go to Las Vegas for some family events (that’s what they found ). And we obviously need a lot of patience and love to spend this holiday without quarrels.

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