Enter the End-of-Summer Writing Contest!

Before we all get back into the groove of school, work, and #life this fall, let’s spend the last few days of summer WRITING! With the help of our friends at Booksplosion, we’re hosting an end-of-summer writing contest!


Entering is easy-breezy.

  1. Make sure you have an account on GetUnderlined.com.
  2. Pick one of three writing prompts below.
  3. Show off your skills by writing a story (based on the prompt you selected) in 1,000 words or less!
  4. Fill out the form below. (You can only enter once.)
  5. Use the URL of your story published on Underlined to enter.
  6. Celebrate being the awesome writer you are!

There are prizes!

The winner will receive a $200 gift card, an original inspirational art print, AND a spotlight feature on GetUnderlined.com.

Ready to start? Here are the prompts, selected by our Booksplosion book buddies!

  1. The tomato splattered across my face—ow.

  2. I think my new tattoo is haunted.

  3. As soon as I took a sip, I realized it was poison.

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