Nubia: The Reckoning

By Omar Epps Clarence Haynes

Coming 09.26.23

The sequel to Nubia: The Awakening, the epic fantasy from actor and producer Omar Epps and writer Clarence A. Haynes! A powerful saga of three teens, the children of refugees from a fallen African utopia, who must navigate their newfound powers in a climate-ravaged New York City.

Zuberi, Uzochi, and Lencho have awoken to their powers, and now they're members of a new generation of Nubians--the first to connect to their gifts since their parents fled their island home decades ago. Though they're learning to control their powers, the battle to free their people from oppression is far from over. 

The people of Tri-State East are wary of the newly powerful Nubians. Are they agents of good--or are they only out to use their gifts for themselves? And the Sky King Krazen is bent on harnessing the Nubians' powers for himself. He already started assembling a Nubian Militia. Now he intends to put them to work. 

There are secrets Zuberi, Lencho, and Uzochi's parents are still hiding from them--truths about Nubia's history that have long since been buried. And the children's gifts aren't the only things that have awoken recently. An ancient force is on the hunt for power--and it won't stop until all of Tri-State East is under its control.

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