Five #BookTok Trends You Should Try Now

If your TikTok FYP (for you page) is anything like ours, you have been captivated by all things #BookTok. BookTok has helped us find some great reads to add to our bookshelf and influenced us to explore our own creativity. BookTok is all about expressing your unique interests and inspiring people to discover new favorite books. The hashtag already has 41.4 billion views and counting—and there has never been a better time to get in on the trend. Keep reading to check out the top five BookTok trends that we think you should try. For the latest on everything BookTok, follow us at @getunderlined!

What you will need:

  • Smartphone + TikTok App
  • Love of Books
  • Desire to Explore your Creativity

BookTok Trend | Got Three Books and That’s It . . .  

The trend that has taken over BookTok! The original sound by creator stevensully1 features three songs from Taylor Swift’s catalog used to describe user’s three favorite (ride or die!) book genres. Creators have hundreds of thousands of views sharing their favorite book categories, including: I love <3 love, crying my eyes out at 2am, and elevated blood pressure, all while showing some of their favorite reads in the background. Other examples you can include: cute romance, crying at 3am, LGBTQ+ romance, fantasy, and murder mystery. Utilize the sound, put your face on camera, and share your top three book genres with TikTok!

BookTok Trend | #BookTok Challenge: Yes or No?

Stitch with @all.books.and.some.tea, and share your answers to find your BookTok people. With questions like: Hardback or paperback? Romance or crime? Bookmark or fold? Day reading or night reading? Villain or hero? You can stitch the video, write your answers in the comments, or even create your own Q&A to inspire readers. This is a fun and creative way to get to know other creators on TikTok and share your unique perspective with BookTok.

BookTok Trend | Books I’ve Bought Because of BookTok (with Ratings)

This is a great way to share your views on recent reads. It is also a great entry point to BookTok, since creating this video is as simple as it sounds. Choose any music that expresses your individuality and share any book BookTok influenced you to buy. Give an honest rating out of five stars. Was your latest read a 5/5 or a 1/5? Share your video and recommendations with your community on the platform.

BookTok Trend | Niche BookTok

Niche BookTok is a great place to explore your individuality on TikTok. For example: Are you on BookTok and on SwiftTok? You can combine your two loves and create a list of books that remind you of your favorite Taylor Swift album. Maybe your video title is “Books That Remind Me of ‘Evermore’” or “Books That Remind Me of ‘Lover.’” Don’t worry, if you aren’t a Swiftie— you can find your niche on BookTok! Simply get creative and combine your love of music or film with your favorite books and share with your followers.

BookTok Trend | Be Your Own Trendsetter

All trends must start somewhere, and the best thing about TikTok is that you can bring your own creative flare to the platform. What is your favorite book? What speaks to your heart? This platform is all about being courageous and sharing your originality. Do you want to share your unique take on One of Us Is Lying?! Start your own trend on #BookTok and see if it turns into a viral sensation.

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