Writing Prompts and Story Starters for Spring

Spring is the season for new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s also the perfect time to launch a writing project. Grab your notebook or laptop and head outside to enjoy the warmer temperatures and let your creativity shine through.

Here are some spring-inspired writing prompts and story starters to help you get going.

Writing Prompts:

1. Write a meet-cute in which two people fall in love over spring break.

2. What is your dream spring break vacation? Where would you go if money was no issue? Who would you go with? What would you do?

3. Imagine you love someone who does not love you back. Write a poem or letter describing how you feel.

4. Put a science-fiction spin on your favorite springtime activity. Do you live on Earth or another planet? What is spring like?

5. While hiding Easter eggs for your younger sister, you stumble across something that will change your life forever. Write a short story about what happens.

Story Starters:

1. A snowflake drifted from the cloudless sky—slowly, like it had all the time in the world—before alighting on a bright red tulip. Only then did the warm spring temperature start to plummet.

2. I don’t know why my mother insisted on hiding my Easter basket. I was too old to even have an Easter basket. But nothing could have prepared me for what I found in it.

3. I needed a fresh start, a new beginning. This time, I thought as I headed for the car, I’ll do things differently.

4. Carefully, I pressed the seeds into the ground and covered them up. I knew these seeds would change my life forever, and I wasn’t about to let them go to waste.

5. I plucked the flower from the ground and tucked it into my bouquet so no one would notice it. Smiling to myself, I joined the rest of the wedding party. Everything was going according to plan.


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