10 Writing Prompts About Love

Love comes in so many beautiful forms and has been inspiring artists to create great works since the beginning of humankind. Whether it’s romantic, platonic, or familial love, here are ten writing prompts about love to get your creative brain cooking. You’ll absolutely fall in love with them.

  1. Without mentioning physical appearance, write about what your character thinks and feels when they look at their love interest.


  1. Imagine the worst thing that could happen to your character—the thing they’re most afraid of. It’s happened. What would their love interest do?


  1. Your characters both like each other—a lot—but they haven’t admitted it yet. Then they get snowed in together in a chalet in the mountains, and they’ve got no cell service. Write about what happens next.


  1. Your character has been extremely lonely lately, and then they see it: the pet of their dreams. It’s a little strange, but they know it’s meant to be. Describe the pet and what happens next.


  1. Write about two siblings in the middle of a huge fight. One of them says something so hurtful, the other wonders if they’ll ever speak to them again . . . until they look through a photo album filled with incredible memories.


  1. Two frenemies were forced to become coworkers at a job they both hated. They fell in love along the way. Describe the journey.


  1. Write about your character finding love in a completely unexpected place.


  1. Think about one of your favorite love stories. Rewrite it in a different time period or universe.


  1. Your character has a secret spot they visit to think and be alone, but this time, there’s someone unexpected there: their crush.


  1. Write a story about two characters who are on the run from the law or a terrifying force. Their paths cross, and they realize they might be each other’s only hope for survival.

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