Ten Things Every Successful Writer Needs

You CAN be a successful writer! It just takes a little practice and a little help from your friends (and this list) . . .

1. A one-sentence description of your latest project

Have it ready when well-meaning friends and strangers ask what you’re working on.

2. A cheerleader

It’s great to have someone who believes in you 100 percent.

3. An honest reader

Yes, the truth can sting, but you need someone who will tell you if you are just a little too fond of the word “just.”

4. An outlet for nervous energy

Running, meditation, making balloon animals—see what works for you when staring at that blinking cursor makes you edgy.

5. A partner in crime

Find at least one person in your contact list who will drop everything to check out a book signing or join you in de-stressing (see above).

6. A writing mantra

Maybe it’s “criticism is subjective,” or “run your own race,” or “I am a writer.”

7. A strategy for avoiding distraction

Whatever your favorite time-suck is—is watching cute cat videos really “research”?—own up to it and use it as a reward for hitting your word count.

8. Willingness to show up and write

You have to put in some hard yards if you want to get better—practice makes perfect!

9. The courage to put your work out into the world

Scary—we know! Make sure you’ve got numbers 2, 4, and 6 all lined up.

10. A community of writers

Where are you going to find advice and commiseration on ALL of the above? People who understand the joys and challenges of the writing life!

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