Spooky Season’s Must-Read BOOks

Have you been planning your Halloween costume for weeks (or months)? Do you love huddling under a blanket reading a scary book? Do you think every season is a good time to feel all the chills? Then we’ve got the perfect book list for you! The Underlined paperback series features thrilling books that will help satisfy your love of all things dark and creepy. Check all these titles out . . . if you dare!

Escape Room by Maren Stoffels

For Sky, Mint, Julie, and Miles, a trip to an escape room sounds like a fun Friday night. They’ll be locked in the room and have an hour to solve puzzles and search for clues. But maybe this group of friends doesn’t know each other as well as they think. And what if the game is being run by a madman who has no intention of unlocking the door?

Escape Room

Escape Room

There's no getting away from this unputdownable thriller about teens being held captive in an escape room where the stakes are all too real. Perfect for spooky season!

All they need to do is get out.

Alissa, Sky, Miles and Mint are ready for a night of fun at the Escape Room.
It's simple.
Choose their game.
Get ...

Fright Night by Maren Stoffels

Sofia and her friends are excited about Fright Night, a chance to spend the evening running around the woods, being scared by people in spooky costumes. But things don’t go as planned. The night brings up some very dark memories for some members of the group, and to make things worse, there’s a killer on the loose.

Fright Night

Fright Night

Spending the night in the woods with your friends is not a good idea in this scary thriller by the author of ESCAPE ROOM.

Sofia isn't so sure about Fright Night. When she suggested it to her friends, she was only thinking of it as an excuse to get closer to Dylan. Now that it's happening, she's worried that spending the night in a des...

The Game by Linsey Miller

Every year, the senior class at Lincoln High plays assassin. Lia, who has always felt overlooked at school, has been preparing for months to play the game and win. But this year, a real killer is picking off the class one by one in alphabetical order. Can Lia survive? And is she hiding something?

The Game

The Game

Every year a group of high school seniors play Assassin--except this year it's no fun--it's real. A spooky thriller that will keep you turning the pages.

It's just a game. Or is it?

Every year the seniors at Lincoln High play Assassin. People are placed on hush-hush teams with secret lists of targets. School is ...

Prom House by Chelsea Mueller

Prom is a night to remember, and Kylie and her friends intend to make their prom weekend as memorable as possible. After prom, they’re planning to keep the party going at a house on the beach. The fun ends when someone turns up dead and severe weather blows in, leaving them trapped with a killer!

Prom House

Prom House

It's the season to scream . . . Prom turns deadly in this unputdownable thriller for fans of Halloween Kills and Fear Street.


When Kylie walks into the gorgeous beach house, it’s a dream come true. She still can’t believe she talked her parents into letting her spend the ...

Room Service by Maren Stoffels

Four friends head to a luxury hotel to celebrate a birthday. Sounds fun, except that some people in the group are keeping secrets, and the foursome start receiving mysterious messages from someone who wants them to pay for what they did. Will they survive their celebration?

Room Service

Room Service

Celebrating a birthday isn't fun when there's a killer on the loose in this scream-worthy read from the author of ESCAPE ROOM.

No parents, no rules. Fender, Linnea, Lucas, and Kate are celebrating Kate’s birthday in a luxury hotel. They’re here to have fun and make forever memories. They all know not to bring up what happe...

Small Town Monsters by Diana Rodriguez Wallach

What’s really going on in the town of Roaring Creek? Vera’s tired of being the girl with the weird demonologist parents. Max could use some help with his mom, who’s started acting very strange. Can these two save the town from a powerful supernatural force?

Small Town Monsters

Small Town Monsters

The Conjuring meets The Vow! This is the terrifying story of a girl, a dark angel, and the cult hellbent on taking over her small, coastal town.

Vera Martinez wants nothing more than to escape Roaring Creek and her parents' reputation as demonologists. Not to mention she's the family outcast, lacking her parents' innat...

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