Live Your Best Book Nerd Life at Home

Being told to stay home is tough, but books make everything better. Here are a few tips for living your best Book Nerd life at home!


Read Like There’s No One Watching

Wear sweatpants every day. Read whatever you want. Stay up way past your bedtime to read. This is not a time to feel guilty about any of your reading choices!

Give Your Shelf Some Love

Stuck inside? Take the opportunity to reorganize those bookshelves. If you’re a die-hard alphabetizer, try something crazy, like arranging your books by color. Snap some shelfies and show off your hard work.

Tackle Those Stacks

Yes, those stacks. The piles of books by the bed, by the couch, in front of your bookshelves. The books you’ve been meaning to organize “when you have a chance.” Here is your chance!

Don’t Forget Audiobooks

This is how you read and wash your hands at the same time. (You can also do your laundry, walk the dog, or make dinner while listening to a book.)

Don’t Forget Ebooks

Many local bookstores are doing curbside pickup services, but if you can’t get a physical copy of that new book you’ve been hearing about, now is the perfect time to try ebooks!

Get Crafty

Need a break from reading? Scour your home for craft supplies and get creative. How about some cute new bookmarks like these?

Be Social

After finishing a book, there’s nothing better than finding someone to discuss it with. Get a conversation going on social media or pick up the phone (yes, really!), and share your thoughts with a bookish friend.

Become a Book Nerd

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