8 Summer Reading Problems Only Booklovers Will Understand

Summer is here, which means long, hot days, plenty of sunshine, time outdoors, and, hopefully, not too many bug bites or sunburns! For booklovers, there are a number of summer reading problems that tend to creep up on us every year, just like those creepy-crawlies that come out in spades during summer picnics. Here are eight problems that come around every summer that only booklovers will understand. Don’t forget to tag us in your summer reading selfie @getunderlined!

1. Your books get wet

Your book pages get all wet and crumpled when you read at the beach or by the pool. Worst-case scenario: you drop your book in the water and have to dry it out, forever altering its magnificent form. No one likes a wet book. Shudder. 

2. Creepy-crawlies and mosquitoes

Reading by flashlight in the woods or under your porch light sounds super cozy and sweet, until creepy-crawlies and mosquitoes land, get stuck on your book pages. Yuck.

3. Sunscreen stains

Every shiny hardcover book you own gets covered in sticky sunscreen thumbprints, especially those with glossy covers.

4. So much to read, so little time

You’re overwhelmed with summer reading choices. You realize you can’t possibly finish even half of your summer reading list before summer’s end, not to mention required reading for school, and you get major reading FOMO!

5. E-reader problems

Sweating makes it harder to swipe around on your tablet or e-reader. Factor in sunscreen and bug spray, and it’s all just one big, sticky mess.

6. The bright sun

The bright sun makes it harder to see your e-reader screen.

7. Book-shaped tan lines

If you fall asleep lying out in the sun with your favorite YA book on your exposed tummy, prepare for a book-shaped tan line.

8. Getting overwhelmed

As much as you want to read, you also just want to relax. Being overwhelmed with assignments and summer book recommendations can be daunting during summer vacation, especially when you’re also trying to fit in family time and plenty of days of just doing nothing!

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What are YOUR summer reading problems? If one of them is finding great books to read, check out our book recommendations here and get social with us at @getunderlined.

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