20 Must-Read YA Books of Winter 2020

New year, new books! If you’re looking for the hottest YA books of 2020, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together this reading list of the latest and greatest young adult books to help you reach your reading goals this year. On this list, you’ll find exciting YA romance, adventure, mystery, and fantasy books to read this spring.

Whether you’re an avid reader of young adult books or are new to the category, you’ll want to add these novels to your 2020 TBR.

One of Us Is Next by Karen M. McManus

On sale: January 7

Simon is dead and the four teens suspected of his murder have been cleared, but the story is far from over. Someone wants to keep Simon’s legacy alive. Three teens get caught up in a deadly game of truth or dare that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you loved One of Us Is Lying, don’t miss the sequel!

Going the Distance (The Kissing Booth #2) by Beth Reekles

On sale: January 7

Whether you liked the book, the Netflix movie, or both, you need this book on your 2020 TBR. Elle struggles to feel connected to Noah while he attends college on the other side of the country. Dating long-distance is harder than she thought it would be, especially when a cute new boy catches her attention.

19 Love Songs by David Levithan

On sale: January 7

Fall in love with this collection of romantic short stories from popular YA author David Levithan. Each year for Valentine’s Day, David wrote a romantic story for his friends. Now he’s collected all the stories together into this young adult romance anthology for his fans to enjoy.


Nameless Queen by Rebecca McLaughlin

On sale: January 7

Coin wakes up to find a tattoo of a crown emblazoned on her skin, making her the rightful queen. But not everyone is happy to have a former homeless girl as their ruler. Someone wants her dead, and Coin must navigate her new position, powers, and people in order to survive.


Hope in the Mail by Wendelin Van Draanen

On sale: January 14

If your New Year’s resolution is to start writing, then this inspiring book—part writing guide, part memoir—is for you! Wendelin Van Draanen didn’t grow up wanting to be a writer, but thirty books later, she’s convinced that writing saved her life. Or saved her from a life of bitterness and despair, at least. Writing helped her figure out what she thought and felt and wanted. This book is packed with practical advice as well as helpful insights into the persistence and perseverance it takes to live a productive, creative life.

145th Street: Short Stories by Walter Dean Meyers

On sale: January 14

2020 marks the 20th anniversary of this classic by Walter Dean Meyers. This collection of powerful and poignant stories about 145th Street—an unforgettable block in the heart of Harlem—celebrates African-American life in all of its glory.

Ashlords by Scott Reintgen

On sale: January 21

Phoenix horse racing. Enough said. If there is one YA book you don’t want to miss in 2020, this is it. You won’t be able to put down this story of competition, magic, alchemy, and deception. The fate of three teens will be decided as they race to the finish line, using whatever means necessary to get there.


What I Carry by Jennifer Longo

On sale: January 21

Muir spent her entire life in foster care. As a result, she avoids emotional connections. When she moves to her final foster home before aging out of the system, she meets people that challenge her emotional barriers. This is a beautiful story about the true meaning of home and family.


Wildfire by Carrie Mac

On sale: January 28

Romance, survival, and adventure combine into an unforgettable and heart-wrenching YA love story. Annie and Pete have always been best friends, but when the two teens head out on their latest adventure, a hiking accident puts their lives in danger.


All the Bright Places Movie Tie-In Edition by Jennifer Niven

On sale: February 4

This beloved and bestselling novel is soon to be a Netflix film starring Elle Fanning and Justice Smith, coming out on February 20. Fans of the book need this gorgeous new edition, and new readers will immediately fall for Finch and Violet’s love story. Tissues necessary for this one!


Ember Queen (Ash Princess #3) by Laura Sebastian

On sale: February 4

Don’t miss the heart-stopping conclusion to this epic YA fantasy series. After escaping imprisonment and raising a rebel army, Queen Theodosia is ready to free her people from oppression. Only one thing stands in her way—her childhood best friend. The new Kaiserin possesses a terrifying power that Theodosia must conquer in order to liberate her kingdom.


A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson

On sale: February 4

When Pip decides to investigate a closed murder case for her final project, she stumbles across secrets that could prove the accused murderer’s innocence. But someone doesn’t want her stirring up the past, and Pip finds herself in the crosshairs of a killer. If you’re dying to read a good YA thriller, pick up this fast-paced murder mystery!


The Rise and Fall of Charles Lindbergh by Candace Fleming

On sale: February 11

History buffs will obsess over the true story of Charles Lindbergh in this riveting biography that explores the dark side of one of America’s most celebrated and most complicated men.


No True Believers by Rabiah York Lumbard

On sale: February 11

This captivating and timely novel tells the story of an American Muslim teen who is forced to confront hatred and hidden danger when she is framed for a terrorist act.


The Feminist Agenda of Jemima Kincaid by Kate Hattemer

On sale: February 18

Jemima Kincaid is a feminist, and she thinks you should be one, too. Her private school is laden with problematic traditions, but the worst of all is prom. The guys have all the power, and in Jemima’s (very opinionated) opinion, it’s positively medieval. She proposes a new structure: every student privately submits a list of crushes to a website that pairs them with any mutual matches. This witty novel about how to fight the patriarchy when you just might be part of the patriarchy yourself is a must-read for fans of Stephanie Perkins and Becky Albertalli.


The Between by David Hofmeyr

On sale: February 25

Seventeen-year-old Ana Moon has a disturbing feeling that someone, or something, is following her. Then, during a shocking train crash, life goes from bad to bizarre. In mere seconds, Ana’s best friend is gone—taken by an incredible, terrifying beast right in front of her eyes. Ana joins forces with the mysterious Malik and his covert clan to find her friend and return home. But there’s a larger war underway, and unimaginable evil lurks in the shadows. If they hope to make it home, Ana and her friends must gather the strength to fight—or face the collapse of the universe as they know it.


The Twin by Natasha Preston

On sale: March 3

After her mother dies in a tragic accident, Iris moves in with her twin sister Ivy and their dad. As Ivy helps Iris work through her grief, Iris grows close to Ivy’s friends and her boyfriend, and closer to their dad. As Ivy gets pushed out of her own life by her twin sister, she begins to question if her mother’s death was really an accident after all.


When You Were Everything by Ashley Woodfolk

On sale: March 10

Friendship can’t survive everything. That’s what Cleo learns when her lifelong friendship with Layla goes up in flames. Now Cleo must learn to move on, make new friends, get out of her comfort zone, and deal with the past. Told in alternating timelines, this story is about two girls who learn to reinvent themselves after a terrible fallout.


All the Pretty Things by Emily Arsenault

On sale: March 17

Ivy is looking forward to a blissful summer filled with amusement parks and friends. But when her best friend Morgan stumbles across the dead body of one of their classmates, Ivy’s perfect summer takes a dark turn. Morgan checks into a psych ward, the police say the death was an accident, and everyone keeps their lips sealed about the victim. This tense YA thriller is a must-read!


The Year After You by Nina de Pass

On sale: March 31

San Francisco. New Year’s Eve. A tragic accident after the party of the year. Cara survives. Her best friend, G, doesn’t. In the hopes of offering a fresh start, Cara’s mother sends her to boarding school in Switzerland, a place where no one knows what happened—and where they never will, if Cara can help it. But her new classmates Ren and Hector are determined to break down the walls she has so carefully built up. The problem is that the closer Cara gets to Hector, the more G slips away. If moving on means letting go of the past—and admitting what she did that night—Cara’s not sure how. But a second chance awaits, if she can only find the strength within herself.


Which winter 2020 book are you most excited to read? Tell us in the comments below! 

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